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    Love for Body Jewelry

    Belly Button Ring and its 4 variants

    Belly Button Ring and its 4 variants

    Belly Button rings are still a trend up to this day. It will never go out of style as it looks a pretty painful but really adds a lot of charm on your whole look. This fashion trend started in the 90’s, and as we know, fashion trends always come back in no matter of time. Ever since it’s appearance on Fashion Events and Magazines, more and more women committed to this trend and still own it up.

    As the market grow bigger, bellybutton ring styles and designs also grow wider.  And apparently, they love it more. Here are some bellybutton ring styles you must know.

    Curved Barbell Navel Rings

    The curved barbell navel ring is the most common and simple of all. It’s classic, so it will surely never be out of trend. Because it is simple and easy to wear, more women with navel piercings prefer this as their choice of style. Also, anyone can definitely find one of these almost anywhere.

    Dangle Navel Rings

    To women who prefer dangling jewelry that really symbolizes who they are or just really fond of more extravagant ones, the Dangle Navel Ring is the perfect choice. It’s basically a curved barbell with dangling charms on the other end. It’s more of statement jewelry as it really is eye-catching. The most popular dangling charms are butterflies, shapes and statement icons.

    Reversed Navel Rings

    Reversed Belly Rings are not for the newly pierced navel, as it may slow down healing process. But if you are ready for it, then have it. It makes an impression that it is in full ring. It’s pretty unusual, but if you’re up for it, then who are we to stop you.

    Hoop Belly Rings

    Hoop Belly Rings look just like hoop earrings, only it is more smaller. Most of these are really simple hoops with classic looks, but to customize it or bejewel it then you can choose the ones with beads on it.

    How to Take Care of Body Jewelry after Initial Piercing

    How to Take Care of Body Jewelry after Initial Piercing

    Body piercing has caught the imagination of millions of men and women across the country. Not only is a great way to adorn your body parts but also allows one to express their individuality in front of others.  There are many body jewelry artists who carry out piercings but most of them do not tell their clients enough on how to take care of piercings.  Aftercare is very important in the case of body piercing not only for speeding up healing but also to prevent infections.

    The time after initial piercing till the time the wound is finally healed is important for the individual.  This can take 2-3 months depending upon the condition of your body as well as how quickly your body heals itself.  In general, piercings in earlobes and the nose take a little less time to heal whereas the piercings in nipples and navels take longer to heal completely.  As there are fluctuations in production of hormones in the case of women, piercings in navels and nipples of ladies can take almost a year to heal up completely.

    Taking care of piercing

    Wash your hands before even touching the piercing as you can easily contaminate the piercing.  On the first night, just soak cotton in hot water and apply it to the piercing spot.  This will help in getting rid of swelling and soreness.  The actual care regime starts from next day when you first clean up the piercing.  You will need to clean it 3-4 times every day and also when you sweat excessively (like after a workout in a gym) because your sweat contains toxins.  You can also clean the piercing using an antibacterial soap that is free from all fragrances.


    The main instrument for healing your piercing is your own body.  You actually help your body through aftercare to aid in its healing process.  To clean piercing so as to keep it free from contamination, you can use an antibacterial spray or a lotion that can be applied using a paper towel or cotton gauge.  One natural product that I found really effective in taking care of my piercing was a spray called H2Ocean. It is safe for all skin types. Another great product for helping in the aftercare of your piercing is a nasal spray for nose piercing.  It is called H2Ocean Nasalzyme

    Selections of body jewelry for Valentine's Day

    Selections of body jewelry for Valentine's Day

    Selections of body jewelry for Valentine's Day

    Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry for your sweetheart? WildKlass has got you covered! If you don’t’ already know, body jewelry is really trending these days and women absolutely love it. This is why any body jewelry from our store would make the perfect present for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Here are our top selections of body jewelry for Valentine’s Day:

    Stainless Steel Red Hearts Nipple Bar

    This stunning stainless steel red hearts nipple bar has an amazing and smooth finish. It is lightweight and super comfortable to wear, so your sweetheart will really enjoy wearing it. Each corner has a small dangling red heart attached to really make this body jewelry a must-have.

    Interlocked Heart Navel Ring

    Belly button rings are really trending these days, so that special woman in your life is going to love wearing it. This gorgeous stainless steel navel ring comes with two interlocked hearts that can be the symbol of your relationship. One of the hearts is studded to add that extra bling to this body jewelry!

    Dust Heart Cartilage Earring

    Let your sweetheart know exactly how much you love her by getting her this stunning heart cartilage earring. Made from stainless steel, it has a very smooth and amazing mirror finish. Heart shaped anything is always adored by ladies, so you can expect her to fall in love with this body jewelry too.

    Acrylic Star Barbell

    This gorgeous star printed barbell is going to become a favorite of your sweetheart. The UV coated and super glossy acrylic balls are fun to wear and something that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Just like all our body jewelry, this one is also comfortable and lightweight.

    Screw Nose Ring

    Nose rings add so much to the face and if your Valentine loves wearing them, then we promise that she will love this one a little too much. This Surgical Steel Screw Nose Ring has a clear acrylic ball attached at the end. And you know what the best part is? The ball comes with a sprinkling of Metallic glitter available in 3 different colors.

    Curved Eyebrow Barbell with Ball and Spike

    If she has an eyebrow piercing, you should probably get this gorgeous curved eyebrow barbell for her. It has a mirror finish with a ball attached at one end and a spike attached at the other.

    We assure you that this selection of body jewelry will make her love you even more!