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    Body piercing jewelry is available in many different materials. We offer only the highest quality jewelry and are dedicated in bringing you the best quality with the latest styles.

    Here you will find some information about materials used for our jewelries.




    We carry a vast range of 14K Solid Gold items; from Fancy Navels, Labrets, Curves, Nipple Shields, Eyebrow, Nose, Barbells, CBRs, Replacement Balls, and many more.

    All our Gold is nickel-free and safe to use in any piercing; 14K Gold is an ideal metal for people with sensitive skin.

    Our gold jewelry is available in both white and yellow for those who prefer a white metal to a yellow one.

    Also, there is a Genuine 14KT imprint on all our “Real Gold” items. If you have a more careful approach in choosing piercing accessories, it is better to buy Solid Gold jewelry.




    We carry only the best quality Sterling Silver jewelry at affordable prices.

    Consisting of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals (usually copper) Sterling Silver is widely used by jewelry manufacturers because of its multiple advantages and perfect characteristics.

    We offer the best pieces of Sterling Silver jewelry in various styles and sizes. Sterling Silver is available for Nose Bones, Pins, Screws, Navels, Ear Studs and many more.

    We frequently add new sterling silver items on our website so check back with us often.




    Most items in metal color are 316L Surgical Steel unless otherwise stated. All our stainless steel body jewelry is crafted from the highest quality materials.

    The number 316 has to do with the recipe of metals used to make the steel; it basically means that it is a very high grade of steel.

    Stainless Steel is a metal, which is resistible to corrosion and can bear extreme conditions and reduce the risk of infection.

    It is also ideal for permanent wear. Stainless steel body jewelry is non-toxic, does not irritate the skin and is safe for your health.

    Wearing Stainless Steel Jewelry is a practical, reliable and comfortable way to diversify your jewelry.

    Stainless Steel jewelry is a great alternative to the similar products made of silver.

    From Barbells, Eyebrows, Captive Bead Rings, Navels, Horseshoes, Nose Rings, Tunnels, Tapers, Plugs, Labrets, Monroes, and many more, we have various styles and sizes for your perfect jewelry.

    316L SURGICAL STEEL Care instruction: 

    Simply wash with warm water mixed with a dab of antibacterial soap and dry completely.

    We recommend removing the jewelry during swimming, especially in the swimming pools, as chlorine may damage the stainless steel.




    Acrylic is one of the more popular body piercing jewelries. It is not only affordable but is also light in weight and totally safe for body piercing jewelry.

    Very comfortable and easy to wear, Acrylic Body Jewelry also comes in bold, rich, vibrant colors with most being UV.

    UV items glow in ultraviolet light. Some Acrylic items are a combination of barbell (steel bar or shaft) or titanium with ball, spike, or logos made with Acrylic.

    Acrylic Jewelry is non-durable and because of their porous surface they should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

    From Navels, Horseshoes, Eyebrows, Tapers, Plugs, Tunnels, Twists and many more, we offer countless varieties of Acrylic items.

    ACRYLIC Care Instructions: 

    Wash with warm water mixed with a dab of antibacterial soap and dry with our included microfiber.

    Acrylic is great for healed piercing, however, it may not be used on fresh piercings due to its porous property.

    Just remember to not over tighten the balls as it might crack and keep it away from the direct sunlight or excessive heat as it may deform.




    Bio Flex and PTFE body jewelry are both bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic. It is one of the best materials for piercing jewelry.

    It helps heal piercings faster and is autoclavable. Bio Flex and PTFE jewelry are both flexible and moves with the body for comfort and durability.

    Also adjustable, with a scissor or a sharp blade, you can reduce the length. Navel bars are available in longer lengths and is a perfect product to use during pregnancy.

    Light weight, Easy to clean, Comfortable, Flexible, and Hypo-allergenic, Bio Flex and PTFE piercing retainers and jewelry are available in jeweled Labret and Labret Retainers, jeweled Nose Screws and Nose retainers, Tongue Retainers, Great for Pregnancy piercings and the double jeweled Navel Bars, jeweled Eyebrow and Eyebrow Retainers and many more…




    Our collection of 100% Natural Organic hand-carved Earplugs, Tunnels, and Tapers are produced from various Organic materials including bones, animal horn, and different kind of exotic woods.

    All of our horn comes from animals that are already dead. These animals are not killed for the horn. Horn jewelry is a good way to make sure that all animals are respectfully used.

    Organic jewelry is less likely to cause allergies as it has good hygienic properties. Organic jewelry is sensitive to changes in the temperature and humidity.

    We recommend taking it out before any water activities (including showering).

    Do not soak in anything (including water or any kind of solutions), expose it to the direct sunlight or very low temperatures for a long time, otherwise the Organic jewelry may become deformed or damaged with cracks.

    Lightly oiling Organic jewelry with Jojoba Oil, about once a week, can help keep it from cracking.

    Organic jewelry is for healed piercings only and cannot be autoclaved. There are lots of interesting and innovating designs available for Organic jewelry.

    Wood Care Instructions: 

    Wood jewelry is famous for being light-weight, comfortable, and stylish as it can be worked around in many different ways. However, it requires a tender loving care to maintain its pristine condition.

    You should never get the wood jewelry wet. It’s best to completely remove the jewelry during any heavy sweating activity, swimming, or shower.

    While the wood jewelry cannot be autoclaved or sterilized, we do recommend occasionally oiling the jewelry with jojoba oil to maintain the pristine condition and to avoid cracking. You may also use our included microfiber to give it a nice wipe after daily use.

    Wood is porous and cannot be sterilized. Please use in fully healed piercings only.




    We offer the highest quality Implant Grade Ti 6Al-4V ELI ASTM-F136 in our Titanium jewelry.

    Titanium can come in plain polish which looks like steel and it can come in a variety of different colors.

    Superior machinability and lighter weight (about half the weight than 316L Stainless Steel), Titanium is becoming the metal of choice.

    Almost completely hypo-allergenic, Titanium is ideal for individuals sensitive to steel or other material.

    TITANIUM Care Instructions:

    While more durable than Gold Plated & Rose Gold Plated jewelry, PVD coated jewelry does require a care.

    Using the included microfiber cloth, remove any dust and dirt it has acquired, preferably after each use.

    You may also use warm water mixed with a dab of antibacterial soap to clean the jewelry occasionally. However, please refrain from using any alcohol or chemical based solution to clean the jewelry.




    Our gold plated items are certified Gold/Rose Gold Plated on 316L Stainless Surgical Steel and the quality is excellent.

    If you want something that looks expensive for less, try our line of Gold Plated body jewelry.

    Gold Plated Care Instructions: 

    Please note that Gold Plated or Rose Gold Plated Jewelry should be worn with extra care to ensure their longevity.

    Remove your jewelry when performing exercise, swimming, or showering as any substances like water, oil, chlorine, perfume, and sweat may react and will cause it to tarnish easily.

    Refrain from using plated jewelry while your piercing is fresh and is currently in the healing process.

    We recommend you use the included microfiber cloth to remove any dust and dirt it has acquired after single use.

    *If you previously have had any allergic reaction to gold or gold plated jewelry, we do not recommend you trying ours as you would encounter a similar experience.



    Our silicone jewelry are implant grade, safe for piercing use. It is generally one of the easiest material to take care of.

    You can simply use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean before using and after.

    Remember to keep it away from chemical cleaners and alcohol.

    We recommend silicone for fully healed piercings only.



    As with wood, stone is also porous, meaning it should only be worn in a fully healed piercings.

    Please be careful when you handle the stone jewelry as it may chip or break once its dropped. Once it chips, even at the slightest crack, it may become irritating to wear the jewelry.

    You may use our included microfiber cloths to clean away the dirt after daily use. We recommend you occasionally clean the stone with a mild soap and a warm water.



    Just like wood, natural animal parts do require a care. You must remove the jewelry during the heavy sweating activities, swimming, or in the shower.

    We recommend occasionally oiling the jewelry with a dab of jojoba oil to prevent the jewelry from cracking.

    Natural animal parts are porous and cannot be sterilized. Please use in fully healed piercing only.