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    Love for Body Jewelry — Body Piercing Must-Haves This Summer

    Body Jewelry Must-Haves This Summer

    Body Jewelry Must-Haves This Summer
    Have you gone to the beach yet? Sipping margarita in the shade, checking out the scene behind tinted glasses? If you have, then, we envy you. We have been cooling down with ice-cold soda at work while staring at the coolest WildKlass jewelry in our collection.

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    Body Piercing Must-Haves This Summer

    Body Piercing Must-Haves This Summer

    Styles come and go. This summer, ear piercings seemingly will stay, according to a New York Adorned professional piercer, Cassi Lopez. Let us take a look at four piercing styles that Lopez predicts will be prominent this season. 

    Unique and Ingenious

    First of the biggest trends to sizzle this season are vertical lobe piercings. These are ear piercings wherein jewelry is placed “above or below holes that already exist,” Lopez said

    Vertical lobe piercing is a fun way of making use of a piercing that you already have. The style comes out unique to your ear lobe and can be done with ease.


    Sexy and Mysterious

    Next up this season is the rook constellation piercing. This piercing style is for the shy type. You can hide it behind your hair easily and show it whenever you want.

    Rook constellation piercing is done inside the ears and add a layer to your style because of the subtlety. Those who get this piercing often ask for a eyecatching piece of body piercing jewelry for the rook, which makes the piercing even sexier.


    Peaceful and Centered

    An orbital piercing is one of the most interesting piercing styles we are seeing for the summer. It combines two ear piercings that are connected by a pierce of jewelry to form the shape of an orbit. You can accentuate it with a simple diamond piece or an ornate gold-plated earring.


    Coordinated and Flowy

    If there is one way we could describe the next piercing trend, it is an “editorial style”. Each piercing jewelry used does not match each other exactly, but each has a common element that complements the other well.

    Trendy ear piercing styles are fun and full of personality. They are easy to pull off because they are subtle and very easy on the eye. Do you think you can work one of these piercings? Let us know in the comments.


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