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    Love for Body Jewelry — navel rings

    Body Piercing Aftercare: What Products to Buy and Why

    Body Piercing Aftercare: What Products to Buy and Why

    Body piercing aftercare should not be an afterthought. It is best to know how to care for your body piercing (or modification) prior to getting pierced to avoid itchy bumps, discomfort, inflammation, and infections. There is an entire market for caring for your body piercing, so you might as well do some research and avoid mishaps.

    Where do you even begin? Let’s start off with setting expectations. Body piercing aftercare products are mostly meant for cleaning and preventing infection after getting body piercings. They are not for healing wounds, however, with clean body jewelry, wounds can heal easily. The Association for Professional Piercers recommends using either a sea salt solution mixture or a packaged sterile saline solution, if the former is not available.

    Our staff recommends getting H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray that helps remove dried discharge and lymph secretions safely. Just spray on your piercings or modifications every 3-4 hours, and you’re on your merry way to start the day. The saline soak promotes optimal healing than create a harsh PH balance for your skin, which most soaps tend to do.

    Browse through our store: H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

    Just remember to not use the saline spray for more than your piercer’s recommendation or your wound will not heal up quickly.

    If you would rather lather up to clean your wound, do so with a mild liquid soap. Our piercers recommend the Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap (with 0.3% Chloroxylenol), which is specially formulated for woundcare.  Use this soap for fresh piercings once or twice a day during the initial healing period to avoid any irritation.

    Browse through our store: Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap

    Not feeling a lotion soap? Go get a piercing serum. The Whole Life Tea Tree Oil Piercing Serum is specially formulated for piercing aftercare. Made with Australian Tea Tree Oil (Metaluca) and Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Lavender Oil, this piercing serum prevent fresh piercings from getting bacterial infection and irritation.

    Is bad odor a problem too? No worries because it helps eliminate that as well as germs and crud. This tree oil piercing serum also acts as mild pain killer.

    Browse through our store: Whole Life Tea Tree Oil Piercing Serum

    Not all body piercing aftercare products are created equal however. For the more sensitive nose piercing, you would need a milder solution to avoid irritating your nasal passages. The nose is, after all, prone to colds, allergies, low humidity and overuse of chemical nasal decongestants.

    For extra care, use Nasalzyme, which has a gentle saline formula that will cleanse, moisturize and clear nasal passages. No more dry, inflamed, and congested nasal passages with this guy. It is made by H2Ocen so you be sure that it is sterile and free from preservatives or harsh chemicals.

    Browse through our store: Nasalzyme Nasal Spray

    There is not one body piercing aftercare product that can solve all aftercare concerns. There is a variety out there so you must do some research on what you think might work for you.

    Do you have other body piercing aftercare questions we didn’t address? Watch out for our next blog post for more. Also, don’t shy away from leaving a question below because we will answer them for you.


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    Understanding Body Jewelry Style

    Understanding Body Jewelry Style

    Love of body jewelry may not always translate to knowing what works with clothes. If you want to make sure your body jewelry works well for you in all ways, here are some rules of styling that you can follow.

    Styling Recommendations

    Take note that these are just some styling recommendations. They are not absolute rules but can be helpful in letting you understand how to wear your body jewelry in the way that compliments your entire appearance. You can use these recommendations when they feel right, but you still have the liberty to try and experiment on things. Now that's covered, here are some things you can consider.

    Wide or Small Frames

    If you have a wide frame, you should avoid wearing small pieces of jewelry. They will only create a disproportionate look. You may also end up looking bigger than you do. The same applies if you have short frames. You should avoid wearing large and eye-catching items. This will only create a cluttered look. It can disrupt the balanced look and even make you end up looking smaller.

    Nonetheless, also take note that these recommendations don't always stand right for people. It is also essential to take a look at the overall look. You should consider your preferences and how you feel wearing the items. If you happen to like small jewelry and you want to go for the cluttered look, then you can go for it. It's all about knowing how to carry yourself.

    Cherry Body Shape

    The rule of thumb for cherry types is that they should not choose short necklaces. It is often best to avoid necklaces that sit quite tightly around your neck, so they will not make you look like you have a shorter upper torso. If you don't know what a cherry body shape is, this type of body is characterized by wide hips and a large chest.

    As with the other recommendations, you should not only consider the length of the necklace. You should also evaluate the proportion and width. The rule may not apply to all people with cherry types because some have long necks. The best way to go is for you to check yourself out generally. See if the necklace looks good on you on all fronts like the shape or color. If it feels right then you might as well wear it. Also, note that many shops will allow you to change the length of the necklaces. This can improve your overall look entirely without sacrificing your style.

    Pear Shape

    If you have pear shape body type, then you have wider hips and narrow upper torso. You should avoid wearing long necklaces or anything that will highlight the hip area. Most of the time, it is best to wear multiple accessories so you can balance your upper half with your hips.

    Likewise, before choosing to wear multiple necklaces, consider avoiding to make your top look cluttered. You don't want to create a confused look in your most delicate parts. Nonetheless, if you find the right necklace or something that you like even with a long length then check how you feel about it. See how it looks and if it feels right then you can experiment more.

    Understand that the last recommendation applies to all body shapes. Your body jewelry acts like a magnet. It will draw people's attention to wherever you put it. You should place where you want the eyes to be on or parts you want to accentuate.

    Working on Your Body Jewelry

    There is nothing like body jewelry that adds a  personal touch to your appearance. It can give your look a more interesting touch and even an ounce of freshness. Many people treat their body jewelry likes spices because they add flavor to their appearance or their outfit. However, also remember that spices are also a matter of personal preference. Some people like more of it, some people prefer a little dab of it. Taste is personal. If you're going to wear body jewelry, then make sure you choose the one that represents you best - not just because it follows fashion rules. You can always strike a balance between what is ideal and what you want. Some people prefer a cluttered look while others like a neat approach.

    Essentially, learning your body jewelry style is all about finding the right balance of your preference, fashion recommendations and what you feel is right. Learning what works for your body shape is a great thing to start from. You will understand how specific body jewelry type will affect your shape so you can experiment better. Wearing body jewelry is about owning your style and being comfortable about it.


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