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    • Warm and sensual Rose Gold Rings takes the classic Circular Barbell to the next level and its subtle nuances are sure to appeal to all.
    • These brilliant Rose Gold Horseshoe Ring beauties are available in 3 sizes: 18g, 16g, and 14g and come with a matching pair of precision threaded balls.
    • Great for Nipple Piercings, Septum Rings, and Cartilage Jewelry 
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      Customer Feedback

      ★★★★★ Five Stars

      By E. Nelsonon October 24, 2016
      Style: 16g 10mm (4mm Balls)

      Really pretty color. I have a sensitivity to jewelry (nickel) and have had absolutely no problems with this ring. Cleaned it up as soon as it came in the mail and put it in. Looks great any my ear did not become infected like it does with about 85% of the other stuff I have tried, even if they are of good material. I would definitely buy another.


      ★★★★☆ Four Stars

      By Cassaundra Grimmon November 1, 2016
      Style: 16g 8mm (3mm Balls)

      Love the look. I use them as a septum ring and they are small enough to flip up into the nose securely for work. I forget I have it half the time and they're discrete enough that my coworkers are surprised when they realize I've got a piercing.I took off one star because if I forget to tighten the balls after flipping it down they will come loose and fall off. I forget often enough that I tend to buy these in bulk every few months so I've got extra balls laying around.



      ★★★★★ Five Stars

      By blueon January 18, 2016
      Style: 16g 10mm (3mm Balls)

      Kinda of smaller than I expected haven't tried it on yet but it looks like it could fit me ! ??? Love the seller's communication ❤️❤️

      review image



      ★★★★☆ Four Stars

      By Shaina Kelnhoferon December 16, 2015
      Style: 14g 10mm (4mm Balls)

      I ordered a 14 Gauge and received a 16g. Sadly it's too small to use. Otherwise seems to be excellent quality.


      ★★★★★ Five Stars

      By Anonymous Customeron August 11, 2016
      Style: 16g 8mm (3mm Balls)

      I bought the 8mm one about a week ago and so far its perfect. I would say the ring is a bit smaller than my other 8mm curved barbells which I actually really like the look of. I also suggest tightening the ball with pliers after putting it in because it's easy for them to loosen and come off.