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    Effortless style: this elegant Nose Hoop is the perfect accessory for the face without breaking the bank. Versatile and beautiful, this piece will be a must-have for any piercing enthusiast.

    Available in many sizes with a comfortable 2mm end piece, this nose hoop ring is suitable for both men and women.

    Customer Feedback

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By FitThickTee
    Style: 18 GA, Length: 10mm, Rose Gold
    My hoop came in two days! I'm usually nervous about buying jewelry online, I can only wear surgical quality, or real gold (not plated) otherwise I have a bad skin reaction. I've worn my nose hoop without any irritation!


    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By Katie A.
    Style: 18 GA, Length: 10mm, Silver
    I really want to wear this nose ring more often because it looks so good. I unfortunately have a really sensitive piercing and the hoop moves around too much causing irritation. The size was perfect though. I do reccomend you measure what size you need before you buy. Just take a tape measure and measure from the piercing site to the opening of your nostril.



    ★★★★☆ Four Stars

    By Rae Rey
    Style: 18 GA, Length: 8mm, Rose Gold
    I originally purchased the 3/8 but it was far too big. So I got this 5/16th and it's perfect. I love the convenience of being to take it off and put it on easily and it doesn't fall out at all when I wash my face. I just hate that it tarnishes easily.
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    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By Colt and Missy
    Style: 22 GA, Length: 8mm, Rose Gold
    I got the smallest option they offer in the rose gold hoop. I have to say I love the small size. I can't hardly feel that it's there. I've only had it for a few days so I'm not sure how the color holds up yet. Also it doesn't completely wrap around the inside but you can bend the bottom enough that it will look like it does. I personally like that it doesn't go inside all the way as I had one before that did and it was irritating.