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    • Double Flared Plug with Hollow Back. Light-Weight & Comfortable to wear.
    • Material: Rose Gold Plated on high grade quality 316L Surgical Steel
    • Gemstone: High Quality Cubic Zirconia / Synthetic Opal
    • Sold as a Pair

    Customer Feedback

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By slipnoodle on November 19, 2015
    Style Name: 14mm 9/16"

    Very pretty, the pictures don't do it justice. Great quality, very pleased.

    ★★★★☆ Four Stars

    By Anonymous Customer on December 22, 2015
    Style Name: 12mm 1/2"

    I'll first off say the first shipment came without any gauges in them, just an invoice. So I wrote the seller and within 10 minutes I had a reply and they were very kind about sending a second shipment out. It was extremely easy dealing with them which I loved.These gauges are gorgeous. They come true to size, I'm a 1/2 inch, which is nice since some cheaper stuff seems to have it's own sizing and won't fits. I would suggest coating the front with clear nail polish before wearing, so you don't lose any of the small "diamond" guys. The only down fall is how long these are...as in you can't hold a phone up to your ear because they get in the way. I've taken a picture of one next to what I would call a normal length gauge. But other than that I like them a lot.

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By Anonymous Customer on March 13, 2016
    Style Name: 10mm 00g

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Definitely worth the 5 star rating! These aren't something that would only look good on a girl, I'm a guy and they look superb! They arent difficult to slide in and they came in the right size.They are exactly what i wanted in every way, beside that fact that they are a bit longer than any other gauge I've had. No worrys though because i found the perfect solution! I put one of those black rubber tire things that you would normally use for a taper on the back of the gauge after i slipped them in and it made all of the difference. I mannaged to take a few pictures of it showing the difference it made, along with some fantastic pictures that show you exactly how truley amazing and stunning these are! Im constantly getting compliments on them and they're perfectly flashy. They have a perfect touch of pink in the gold and the crystals shine vibrantly! You will not be disappointed in this purchase whatsoever! I highly recommend this product to everyone!??


    ★★★★☆ Four Stars

    By JB77 on February 29, 2016
    Style Name: 10mm 00g

    I absolutely love these, besides the length. I read the reviews before purchase, so I knew what was coming. I needed a girlie plug, and these delivered!! Definitely would recommend these with the understanding that they are long, so the back will extend much further than your ear, so FYI! With my hair down it doesn't matter, up - I would be self conscious of it. Can y'all make more designs like these? Love them