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    • Stunning Manish Lotus Flower Design!
    • 316L Surgical Steel
    • Screw Fit Tunnel. Light-Weight & Comfortable
    • Sold as Pairs

    Customer Feedback

    ★★★★☆ Four Stars

    By K.D.on February 29, 2016

    I love these earrings!! It was hard to find some that were in this size...apparently not many people stick with this size so it took a bit of searching before I found a pair that I liked. My only complaint would be that they could be a little lighter....not that they are super heavy but my ear lobes are not that thick so the weight from the front hangs down alittle. I still love them though!!

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By Natalie Ceciliaon October 20, 2016

    These are beautiful and sturdy. I find it's a little difficult to get through my ear with the hollow plug but that's unavoidable really and it's still easier than double flares I find. I love these earrings and have gotten plenty of compliments.