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    • Internally Threaded Grade 23 Solid Titanium Curved WildKlass Barbells/Eyebrow WildKlass Rings (Sold by Piece)
    • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
    • Material: Grade 23 Solid Titanium 
    • 16 GA, Length: 10mm, Ball: 4mm

    Customer Feedback

    ★★★★☆ Four Stars

    By Anonymous Customeron October 31, 2016
    Style: 16 GA, Length: 6mm, Ball: 3mm

    I bought it after losing a ball end off a previous earring for my rook. (Which I had in for a good 5yrs, no problem)When it arrived I noticed the picture here shows it to be a bright silver colour and mine was a tad darker, not a major issue though. Due to the size it is super hard to screw the balls on tight and get them nice and snug. The ball end was lost multiple times trying to get it in. I wore it for less then 24hrs and ended up losing a ball end the next day when it fell out.All in all, I wish the default shipping came sooner and that they included a spare ball end. After losing the end so quickly I don't see myself ordering a new one for a replacement.