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    BioFlex Pregnancy Navel Ring with China Doll Dangle

    Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your beloved navel piercing! Crafted especially for a pregnant tummy our BioFlex Barbells are comfortable and flexible, they can be customized and adjusted as needed so that you can wear it throughout your entire term. BioFlex is also fully autoclavable.

    This cute BioFlex Pregnancy Navel Ring with China Doll Dangle features a sweet looking gemmed doll charm with wide eyes and pink and white dress. This doll charm will dance playfully on your tummy announcing to the world that you’re expecting a beautiful baby girl.

    Thickness : 14GA / 1.6mm
    Length : 2” / 51mm
    Ball Size : 5mm
    Material : 316L Surgical Steel and BioFlex Bar

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