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    • Great for lip piercing, helix earring, tragus jewelry, nipple ring, rook earring
    • Material: High Quality 316L Surgical Steel
    • Available in many color and sizes! 
    • Wear it for any occasion!
    • Sold as Pair
    • Free Shipping!

    Customer Feedback

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By IZon April 1, 2016
    Style: 14g 10mm Silver

    Love this spiral! I ordered the wrong gauge size (stupidly forgetting about the inverse size-number thing ... 14g > 16g) but they responded same day and quickly sent a replacement. Tip: I have a cartilage piercing that's hidden underneath the outer rim of my ear so I found it was easier for me to insert the spiral from behind the ear.

    review imagereview image

    ★★★☆☆Three Stars

    By Lauryn Pearsonon December 5, 2016
    Style: 16g 8mm Rose Gold

    Had this earring in for a couple weeks. Noticed yesterday that it was turning my piercing green...Took it out yesterday and it is no longer rose gold but tarnished and also left some stuff in my piecing. Removed and replaced with a real surgical steel barbell. Disappointed. It was so pretty!

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By belleavlon June 17, 2016
    Style: 16g 8mm Rose Gold

    ...very simple yet well made and perfectly sized. I highly recommend the rose gold as it is a beautiful hue unlike some. I purchased this as a navel ring and it did not disappoint. Great purchase and seller!

    ★★★★★ Five Stars

    By Sarah Helmickon May 26, 2016
    Style: 14g 10mm Black

    This works great! Super happy and impressed, I would recommend this product to everyone!

    ★★★☆☆Three Stars

    By @PapaWilliamx12on October 24, 2016
    Style: 14g 10mm Gold

    Really thought 2 were coming. Only recieved one. Ok